The New Harvey Milk Plaza

“Harvey understood that the LGBT community was part of something larger, and creating something special here will inspire others to carry on the global movement for peace and social justice.”

– Cleve Jones

Photo by Daniel Nicoletta


Take Action

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Stay Informed

Get periodic updates about the efforts to reimagine Harvey Milk Plaza—a community-led movement to honor Harvey at the intersection of Castro and Market Streets—as well as invitations to upcoming events.


Your support is an investment in hope and action for the here and now, and for future generations. A donation of $5 or $10—or more, if you can—will go a long way to continuing Harvey’s legacy and creating a space for all to enjoy.

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Attend an Event

Find out about upcoming Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza events, when we’re participating in the Castro Art Walk, and other local events dedicated to Harvey. Come say hi, learn more about the project, and share your thoughts with us.


We have opportunities to get involved in the movement to reimagine and rebuild Harvey Milk Plaza. If you are moved to do so, please sign up and someone from our committee will be in touch soon.